Operação Cosmos|2007

Operation COSMOS is an educational game developed to be an innovative tool to support physics and math classes at high school. This game is based on a novel named Deep Space Explorer written by PhD Marcelo Gleiser, developed and supervisioned by a diversified professional team, counting on pedagogists, journalists and engineers. COSMOS requests the player to travel around the Universe to avoid an evil conspiracy plan. Based on classic point ´n click games, this adventure edutainment aims to stimulate the gamer physics and astronomy knowledge and turns it into a very funny way of learning. The game has been developed in a partnership between Redalgo (Game Producer) and Overplay (Development Studio).

My responsabilities here was to make some characters modelings, textures and animations for the cutscenes. Softwares: 3Dsmax, Photoshop

Check out the game play video:

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