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Dinos Do Brasil

In 2016 I started a freelance job in a nice company called "NAKED MONKEY GAMES" about Brazilians dinosaurs, you can check more about the project here:

My responsabilities here was to create a logo for the project and adjust all dinosaur to be used on the engine. In the Logo my intention was to create something clean and at the same time rustic using basics elements of the time and bringing to something more modern, the egg symbolizes the dinosaur, a Pangea in the center and the highlighted for Brazil country that is the place where the story will be happening. The font was used something strong that blends straight to contrast with the shape of the logo and also for a bit of grandeur. The colors were based on the Brazilian flag and we also do in grayscale and other 2D formats for printing applications to make easy to read.

The High Poly models of the dinosaurs was done by RODOLFO NOGUEIRA, he is PaleoArtist here in Brasil and make all highpoly models and polypaint of the dinos.

My work was to create a low poly model, Uvs, bake the textures and create Rig setup and all animations for the game.

Softwares: Zbrush, 3Ds Max, Photoshop, Unreal Engine4

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