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The first time that saw a 3D program was in 2002, so after this moment decided to want it for my future, then in 2007 started to work as 3d generalist in an advertising game company.

In between 2007 and 2012, all companies that worked had few peoples in production, often I was responsible for all 3d game models, textures, rigging, and sometimes rendering. After 2012, started some projects as 3d Freelancer, working with advertising companies making specifically modeling and texturing, 2014 started work in a government company as 3d Forensic Artist, together with the Police Department I was using the art to solve some cases, after some years I'm still helping them with some cases but just as sporadic work.

Today I'm a 3d character artist working as a Freelancer who has good communication, good technical skills in all 3d areas, always looking for new projects that challenge my skillset, within a team that provides the opportunity to learn. 

Techinical Skills

  • Zbrush

  • 3Ds Max

  • Photoshop

  • Substance Painter

  • Unreal Engine

  • Maya

  • X Normal

  • Marvelous Designer

  • Topogun

  • Unreal Engine

  • High to Low Poly workflow

  • PBR in engine setup

  • Organic and Non-organic

  • Work with Scan Data

  • Topology Retargeting

Work Experience

Wombat Studio - Freelancer | 2018 - 2021 

3D Artist | Freelance | California

  • Working as a 3D character artist creating models for the app Magic Poser, my responsibilities were to create characters based on references, concept art, and also in some different styles, also create and optimize several assets, texturing and rigging, always following the Art Directors instructions.

3D Artist | Permanet | São Paulo​

Forensic Laboratory at Police Department - DHPP | 2014-2020

Freelancer | 2016 - 2018

3D Artist | Freelance | São Paulo

Faz Digital - Advertising Company | 2012-2014

3D Generalist | Freelance | São Paulo​

  • I worked on many projects as a freelance, some projects were not released or canceled, always working with concept art and Art Director supervision. My responsibilities were to create full cartoony characters to be used in advertisement commercials.

3D Generalist | Permanent | São Paulo​

Best Cool Fun Games | Game Company | 2011-2012

Arb Studios - E.U.A. | Game Company | 2010-2011

3D Generalist | Permanent | São Paulo​

  • This was my first work for an exterior company, this company was developing an MMO pc game and my responsibilities were to create customizable armors for the main character.

3D Generalist | Permanent | São Paulo​

Overplay Entertainment | Game Company | 2007-2010

  • Worked with a team of Developers, Art directors, and 2d Artists, following some concept art or also creating my own concept, I worked as 3D Generalist.  I was responsible for modeling and texturing all models of PC Game and Nintendo DS.​​​

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