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Native Alien

This work was fully created by me.

I've started creating the concept art in Photoshop based in the idea that we found a Earth-like planet with some biped creatures like in our world. They still don't have knowledge about technology so they use natural resources to build all they needs.

My modeling is 100% done in Zbrush, that's include the high and low poly, Autodesk Maya was used for the uvs and the textures was done in Substance Painter, for the characters I've broken the textures in 3 different set, 1x4096 for the body 2x2048 for the weapons and clothing, the Pedetas was done with 1x4096 texture set.

The Unreal engine was used for the final rendering, the character have around 99,900 tris including the armors and weapons, the pedestal reached 26,000 tris.

The shaders was created by me, I always try to make the thing easy for my work, so I've created a master material that I can use in basically everything.

Softwares: Zbrush, Maya, Substance Painter, Unreal

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