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Shogun Tokugawa Clan

This project was started in 2018 for the Artstation challenge with the theme: Feudal Japan, but I couldn't finish it in time and I left this project stopped for a long time, so this year I decided to finish it.

The Tiger has a very strong symbolism in Japanese culture for its strength, courage, independence among other qualities, and it is quite common to see tiger masks being used by samurais, not only to have this strong representation but also to frighten their opponents. The idea for this project was to represent a Shogun (Japan's military leader) in a literal form of a tiger wearing imposing armor showing the strength of his position before the other samurai. For the armor I used the buildings and colors of the Tokugawa clan which was a very striking clan for the Shogunate age in Japan.

In total this project took about 1 and a half months to complete, and on the begining I did some drawings to make the style very clear on my mind, also the drawing helps me to planning all the armor layers, the modeling was done entirely in Zbrush, the topology, Uvs, Hair Planes and rigging adjustments were made in maya, for texturing was used the Substance Painter and the final render was done in Unreal Engine, also I've used the Ghost of Tsushima game as inspiration to create the final look.

The character animations was created by my friend Daniel Cordeiro, you can check his work here:

For the hair I used the Fur Generator, is a free material for Substance Painter, you can find it here:

The DP Auto Rigging System, created by Danilo Pinheiro was used for Rigging, you can find it here:

Thank you for enjoying.

Softwares: Zbrush, Maya, Substance Painter, Unreal Engine

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